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The Safest Way To Move Your Bees

The Bee Transport Bag You Can Trust

Playing "Find the Queen" can be a lot of fun for new beekeepers, but not while driving 50 mph in your car. Trust us... Let us help keep your queen spotting activities where they should be with the Buzz Bag.

The perfect option for beekeeping clubs, package bee sellers, nucleus hive producers and the every day backyard beekeeper.

We make moving bees easy.

Transport Bees Safely Using the Buzz Bag

Designed with an emphasis on ease and innovation, these bags simplify the often daunting task of hive relocation, making it utterly effortless and stress-free. The intuitive design ensures easy loading and sealing, making moving bees safer and easier.

We started our journey with the original Buzz Bag, ideal for nucleus hives and packages. Now, we're excited to offer you an expanded range that can accommodate a full-size hive, complete with 2 deep boxes, telescoping covers, and bottom boards.

The First Set of Bags Designed Specifically For Beekeepers

We have sold bees to beekeepers for years and always felt there was a better way to move bees. Beginner beekeepers were often nervous or or not sure who to move a hive of bees. Our Buzz Bags solve that problem and make moving bees safer and easier for every backyard beekeeper.